Top 10 E-commerce Platforms for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest economies, this is  evident both in size of the population and the total number of internet users. E-commerce has changed the way people buy and sell goods and even services.  Nigeria as a country with a total population of over 218.5 million people is  a fertile ground for any e-commerce business to thrive. With an increasing number of internet users and a burgeoning middle class,   The number of  internet users in the country in terms of percentage, stood at 45.5 percent of the overall population at the start of 2024. According to Kepios analysis, there was a notable increase in the number of  internet users in Nigeria by 2.2 million (+2.2 percent). 

The opportunities for online businesses are immense. For any Nigerian entrepreneur looking for a business expansion both home and abroad, choosing the right e-commerce platform is the attempt to success.  Here are the top 10 e-commerce platforms that Nigerian entrepreneurs can leverage to grow their businesses.


E-commerce Platforms for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

  1. Jumia


Often referred to as the “Amazon of Africa.” Jumia was launched in Nigeria in 2012, it has become a household name across the continent. Jumia offers a wide range of products, including electronics, fashion, home appliances, and groceries.

Benefits of owning a Jumia Store in Nigeria

  • Jumia boasts millions of active users, providing a vast potential market.
  • Jumia offers delivery services, which can help small businesses reach customers nationwide.
  • The platform supports multiple payment methods, including cash on delivery, which is popular in Nigeria. Your customers have the option of checking their orders before making payment without fear of having to buy an undervalue product.

How to Get Started

To start selling on Jumia, entrepreneurs need to register as a vendor, list their products, and manage their inventory through the platform’s interface.


  1. Konga

Konga is another leading e-commerce platform in Nigeria. Founded in 2012, it has grown significantly and merged with Zinox in 2018 to expand its reach. The platform is really popular amongst online traders. If you do not fancy Jumia Konga is your next best pick.

Benefits of owning a Konga Store in Nigeria

  • The company has an integrated payment solution that simplifies transactions known as KongaPay with no delay in online transactions at all.
  • Konga’s has a robust logistics network ensures products can be delivered nationwide across Nigeria. They have their agent stores situated so products can reach customers early and in good condition. Also this model is good so customers can have a chance if necessary to make personnel complaints. 
  • Entrepreneurs can list their products and benefit from Konga’s marketing and traffic porfolio.

How to sign up: Entrepreneurs can sign up as sellers on Konga, upload their products, and start selling to a wide audience.


  1. PayPorte

PayPorte is known for its focus on fashion and lifestyle products. It was established in 2014 and has quickly become a favorite among Nigerian shoppers. If you are a fashion vendor this here is a platform tailored for just the right customers you need.

Benefits of owning a PayPorte Store in Nigeria

  • The company specializes in the fashion Nitch, making it ideal for entrepreneurs in this sector.
  • PayPorte offers promotional campaigns to help vendors boost sales.
  • User-Friendly Interface Easy to navigate and manage product listings.

How to sign up: Interested entrepreneurs can register on PayPorte’s website, create a vendor profile, and start listing their products.


  1. VConnect

VConnect started out as a business directory but has evolved into a marketplace where businesses can list and sell their products and services.

Benefits of owning a  VConnect Store in Nigeria

  • Ideal for entrepreneurs offering Service-Based Sales in addition to products.
  • You tend to build trust with customers through their verified business profile model. To get verified on the platform, you must have gone through a thorough check to ensure a safe business atmosphere between buyer and seller.
  • Vconnect Helps businesses connect with potential Lead Generation for clients.

How to sign up :

Entrepreneurs can create a business profile on VConnect, verify their details, and start listing their products and services.


  1. Jiji

Jiji is another popular website in Nigeria where users can buy and sell a wide range of products, especially from electronics to real estate. The platform is the cheapest when it comes to swap deals or overall buying and selling of mobile phones. 

Benefits of owning a Jiji Store in Nigeria

  • Entrepreneurs can list their products for free.
  • Wide Range of Categories: Suitable for diverse product offerings.
  • Direct Contact with Buyers: Facilitates direct communication between sellers and buyers.

Getting Started

To start selling on Jiji, entrepreneurs need to create an account, list their products, and manage inquiries from potential buyers.


  1. Shopify

Shopify is a global e-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to create their own online stores. It has a growing user base in Nigeria.

Benefits of owning a Jiji Store in Nigeria

  • Shopify Allows for a high degree of customization of your e-store according to your budget.
  • It also Supports multiple payment gateways, including Nigerian options. This is a good offer as most platforms offer a rigid payment gateway that can affect transactions, if the seller or buying is located in countries that do not accept the channel.
  • Shopify offer is very suitable for businesses of all sizes.

How to sign up

Entrepreneurs can sign up on Shopify, choose a plan, and start building their online store using the platform’s tools and templates.


  1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that transforms a website into a fully functional e-commerce store. It is highly popular among Nigerian entrepreneurs with existing websites.

If you are into buying and selling physical products, this plugin will help structure your product to look professional with just a click even if you do not know how to code.

Benefits WooCommerce of for Entrepreneurs

  • Highly customizable with numerous plugins and themes.
  • Co Free to use with optional paid extensions.
  • Is Integrated with WordPress, which is known for its SEO capabilities.

How to sign up

Entrepreneurs with a WordPress website can install the WooCommerce plugin, configure their store settings, and start selling.


  1. Flutterwave Store

Flutterwave Store is an e-commerce solution provided by Flutterwave, a leading fintech company in Africa. It allows businesses to create online stores quickly and easily.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

  • No Setup Fees like shopify you can create and manage a store for free.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Flutterwave’s payment gateway.
  • Simple setup process with user-friendly tools.

How to get Started

Entrepreneurs can sign up on the Flutterwave Store platform, set up their store, and start accepting payments online.


  1. Obiwezy

Obiwezy specializes in selling new and refurbished electronics. It is a niche platform that caters to tech-savvy Nigerian consumers.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

  • Obiwezy is focused on electronics, making it ideal for businesses in this sector.
  • Allows customers to trade in old devices, increasing sales opportunities.
  • The company ensures that all products meet certain quality standards  before they can be listed on the platform.

How to get Started

Entrepreneurs can contact Obiwezy to inquire about partnership opportunities and list their products on the platform.

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  1. is a classifieds platform that allows users to buy and sell a variety of products quickly.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs can list products without any fees.
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs looking to reach local customers.
  • Simple and straightforward platform for quick sales.

How to get Started

To start selling on, entrepreneurs need to create an account, list their products, and respond to buyer inquiries.


Profitable Affiliate Products Startups Can Sell in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative avenue for entrepreneurs to earn commissions by promoting products. Here are some profitable affiliate products to consider:

  1. Electronics and Gadgets

Smartphones: High demand for the latest models.

Laptops and Tablets: Essential for work and education.

Accessories: Headphones, chargers, and other peripherals.

  1. Fashion and Beauty

Clothing: Trendy and affordable fashion items.

Beauty Products: Skincare, makeup, and grooming products.

Accessories: Jewelry, watches, and bags.

  1. Health and Wellness

Supplements: Vitamins, minerals, and health boosters.

Fitness Equipment: Home gym essentials and workout gear.

Personal Care: Hygiene and self-care products.

  1. Home and Living

Home Appliances: Kitchen gadgets, cleaning tools, and electronics.

Furniture: Affordable and stylish home furnishings.

Decor: Wall art, lighting, and decorative items.

  1. Educational Products

Online Courses: Professional development and skill acquisition.

E-books and Study Materials: Academic resources for students.

Software: Educational tools and applications.

  1. Digital Services

Web Hosting: Essential for online businesses and blogs.

VPN Services: For secure internet browsing.

Software Subscriptions: Productivity and utility software.



Choosing the right e-commerce platform is vital for Nigerian entrepreneurs aiming to succeed in the digital marketplace. Platforms like Jumia, Konga, and Shopify offer features and benefits that can help businesses grow and thrive. 

Additionally, venturing into affiliate marketing with profitable products can provide an additional revenue stream. By leveraging these platforms and opportunities, Nigerian entrepreneurs can tap into its evergreen online presence and the potential of e-commerce to achieve success.


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